2019 Monthly Blog


Pretty as a Pansy
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February has ended and all so quickly....perhaps because it is the shortest month of the year, or, perhaps because we have had quite incredible sunny & warm spring like weather !
The temperatures have been exceptionally high, the highest recorded for February in the Highlands.
It has made photography quite a challenge with bright sunny days and cloudless blue skies....not the best for landscapes. I did have a good trip into the wilds of Wyvis with some pleasing results and also I have been photographing some of the already blooming flowers in the garden using my macro lens.
Some of the mornings have been dewy which makes for good flower close-ups.
At this time of year I concentrate on a more personal look at landscapes....getting a wee bit closer....there is always a landscape within a landscape if you look carefully.
There have been some incredible sunrises this month. The skies ablaze with reds, oranges and golds. I really must get out on loacation instead of watching in awe from the window with my morning cuppa !!
Towards the end of the month I had the urge to photograph the mountains ! Off over the North West coast we went, only to be greeted with heavy rain and wind !! That's the beauty of the Highland weather and although not many photographs were taken, the landscape, drenched in heavy rain and wind still looks utterly beautiful.
The other good thing about traveling round the West this time of year is you virtually have the road to yourself !! The NC 500 route hasn't yet become a thriving throng of tourists.
March no doubt will bring us a delight of sun, wind and rain and no doubt a drop of snow !! so were not quite out of the winter woods yet !!