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APRIL 2019

Vestrahorn, South Iceland
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An exciting start to April !! We headed off on our adventures to Iceland for 8 days !! The day we were leaving to drive to Edinburgh the A9 was closed due to a heavy snowfall ....not what we needed ! however it was open by lunchtime and all was good, we arrived safely in Edinburgh where we spent the night.
Sometimes they say if you have a great time somewhere it's not the same if you return again. I did wonder if perhaps this would be the case but most definitely not, if anything it was even better than our previous visit.
We hired a car and had planned a route round the South and East coast staying in different hotels, which I must say were all excellent. It was very quiet, in fact apart from the main tourist attractions we didn't see any other people anywhere we went !!
Iceland is such a fascinating country, far bigger than you think and has so so much to explore apart from the tourist places you always see advertised. Of course they are magnificent sights in themselves, we just planned visits in the evening when all the tour buses and visitors were long gone.
The weather was fairly good, it didn't go below zero at any time and we had some pretty good sunny days. We did feel the wrath of the Icelandic wind on several occasions !! invigorating to say the least !!
We explored new places, walked to some hidden waterfalls and got some really good photography done. The weather all week was actually perfect for photography.
Already we are thinking of booking again. So much to see, many places we haven't seen and it's addictive !!
Returning to the Highlands was pleasantly warm !! In fact most of April has been somewhat summer like rather than springlike in temps.
The sun at this time of year is exceptionally bright and with clear blue cloudless skies it's not the best for landscape photography. Needless to say my camera has had a wee rest.
End of April not so good, cold weather moving in and perhaps a hint of the white stuff on the hills !!
Oh well as they say " Never cast a cloot till May is oot"! I think by the end of May we can officially say it's summertime in the Highlands !

The photograph is the Mighty Vestrahorn Mountain in Stokksness, Iceland's South Coast. Hubby was contemplating his shot !