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MAY 2019

Black Water River, Little Garve
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Spring has sprung !! It's May and some fine weather it has brought with it. Chilly mornings but warming up nicely as a preview for what might be a good summer ! fingers crossed !! After our travels to Iceland in April, May has been a sort of quiet month.
I attended a photo workshop in Little Garve with Photographer Margaret Soraya in conjunction with Ffordes Photographic in Beauly. The subject of the workshop was slow water movement. This was my best shot of the day, slowing the water down as it flows through the rocky narrows to the pool below.
It was interesting, informative and as always a great day out meeting like minded people and learning all the while with new ideas and tips.
The tree's are beginning to bloom in their spring greens, it's always a joy to see after the long winter. It's like a fashion show in the forest !! each tree unique adorning it's new spring attire !
I spent several day back and forth to Brora and Loch Brora. Loch Brora at this time of year is a riot of colour with the bright yellow broom, the blue of the water and the mighty Carol Rock as a backdrop.
A new cafe in Brora asked if they could have some of my work to display and sell. The cafe is in Station Square in Brora it's called Cocoa Skye and run by a lovely mother and daughter. Excellent yummy cakes and coffee and a very nice place to sit and enjoy the delicious food.
Worth popping in if you are in the area.
As the month has drawn to a close some rather heavy downpours have come into play ! So heavy that flooding has occurred in Dingwall !
Lets hope this is not the way forward as we step into June....it's meant to be flaming !!