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JUNE 2019

Loch Mullardoch, Glen Cannich
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It is June and as the saying goes "Flaming June" . It has been anything but flaming ! Flash flooding, thunder storms and pretty wet. Our climate is most definitely changing.
In between the heavy downpours I still have ventured out, stormy weather can make for some good photography if I can keep the camera equipment dry !
We had a great day in Glen Cannich, a beautiful Glen which ends at the vast Loch Mullardoch. The hillsides were lush green which were highlighted against the stormy skies.....see photograph.
I noticed already the roads were becoming increasingly busier with camper vans. An influx of holiday makers all driving the North Coast 500 route. It has indeed become very popular with foreign and UK visitors all amazed at just how beautifull our Highlands are.
I tend to avoid the main route during the season and head for the quieter roads in the Sutherland and North West area.
Hope and Tongue are beautiful and quiet, as is Kildonan and Syre.
By June we are hopeful of getting the camping gear out at weekends but alas this month didn't allow us with weekends being a wash out !
Lets hope July has something better to offer !