Welcome to my website

It is intended to cover the period from when I was training to be an Art teacher in the late 60's, through the 35 years that I worked as a Drama teacher, and how I went back to painting when I retired in 2004. I work mainly in my small studio in our home in the south of Spain, where the light, rhythms of life and the supportive nature of local authorities make it easy for art and artists to flourish.

This web-site mainly covers my work over the last fifteen years, a period of much travelling in India, U.S.A., Spain and North Africa. Occasionally I record with sketchbook or i.pad, but my normal method of working is with a camera, where I can record, focus, distort, crop more easily and immediately. I have been much influenced by pattern, shape and colour, particularly in recent years by art in the Islamic world. In the past couple of years I have been revisiting images and ideas I had as a student and applying new approaches and techniques to them.

It is a record of my experiences in life and my response through art to them. My work is often decorative, I want the pieces to be enjoyed, displayed, illuminating the spaces in which they exist.

In September 2016, my studio in El Palmar, Cadiz, Spain was opened by my friend and fellow artist Muhadin Kishev.

During 1-15 September 2018 in the Sala de Expositiones in Conil de La Frontera, Cadiz, Spain. I contributed to a major exhibition 'Inspiraciones', with friends Martin Phillipson and Miriam Smith-Phillipson over 2900 people visited this exhibition.

Close to our other home in Harlow,UK is the Gibberd Gardens, the home of Sir Frederick Gibberd the architect of Harlow New Town and the new Liverpool Cathedral. His extensive garden is filled with sculpture in natural settings and this has been the inspiration for me to change the nature of our garden in El Palmar. I had created some work in wood during my college days and more recently work using found materials, but following a visit to MoMa New York in 2022 I moved into cast concrete. I am creating negative moulds using wood and then filling these with concrete. I still have a lot to learn about this technique, but the current results are very satisfying to me.