Hello and welcome to my website.
Firstly, this website is still very much work in progress and subject to changes and modifications as and when time permits!

Secondly, a few words about me.

Photography is a hobby of mine which has been active on and off for about 30 years or so. My younger sister Trudi is a professional photographer and perhaps this is where part of my interest and enthusiasm extends from? Yes, I am sure this has some influence in many ways but deep down in my heart I know my creativity and imagination are inherited from my late mother Angela who was very artistic and musically gifted. A most gratifyingly gift beyond words! Thank you Mum.

I was born in South Somerset and have lived all of my life here in the beautiful and peaceful Somerset & Devon countryside. My early childhood days were pretty much spent growing up in the farming community where my late parents rented country and farm “tied” cottages deep in the heart of the countryside. I went to local village schools where most of the children came from farming families and backgrounds. Surrounded by rich green fields, flower meadows, wildlife and woodlands which oozes breathtaking scenery and ambiance…….well ….it just doesn’t get better than this!!

Nowadays, I still live in the countryside albeit on the very edge of a small town. Now that my own family have grown up and flown the nest so to speak (a few years ago now), I have quality time available to try and get out more, to enjoy the outdoors and seek to improve my photography skills and imagination!

My interests have always been mainly focused (pardon the pun) on Landscapes, Gardens, Plants, Architecture and, more recently, Shooting & Country Life, Motor Sport & Rugby. Over recent years my library of photos has grown to quite a large collection, so thought I would select a reasonable sample and publish them on this website for, I hope, all to enjoy!!
Anyway, that’s enough from me. Please feel free to leave any feedback and comments which, by the way, will be very much welcomed and appreciated.

Thank you for visiting my website.
Have a good day!!