Curriculum Vitae

Liz Meier
Studio at Commercial Square High Wycombe 2003-2018
BCUC 1997-2003 BA(Hons)Fine Art (First)
Amersham and Wycombe College 2003-2004
City and Guilds Teacher Training Certificate

June 2019 Bucks Art Week at the Barn Chartridge with ‘squareroots’
April 2019 Upstairs Gallery Berkhmsted
March 2019 Pop up Exhibition at MS Centre
October 2018 Bucks Art Society Autumn Show
June 2918 Open Studios with ‘squareroots’ at Hughenden Manor (National Trust)
March 2018 MS Centre Pop up Gallery Wendover
October 2017 Bucks Art Society Autumn Show
2017 Open Studios and Final Show at Commercial Square Studios and Square Umbrella
2016 -2018 Square Umbrella Gallery at Commercial Square Studios
July 2016 Square Umbrella POP up Gallery Marlow
June 2016 Open Studios at Commercial Square
April 2016 Bucks Art Society Spring Exhibition
October 2015 Bucks Art Society Autumn Exhibition
June 2015 Open Studios
July 2014 Upstairs Gallery Berkhamsted
July / August 2014. Pop up gallery in Marlow
June 2014 Olen Studios at Commercial Square
June 2013 Open Studios at Commercial,Square
February2013 no naked Walls Gallery Chertsey
October 2012 Affordable Art Fair London
Summer 2012 Gallery Fifty Five Hartley Whitney
October 2011 Affordable Art Fair London
June 2011 Open Studios at Commercial Square
May -July 2011 Art at 88 gallery Berkhamsted
May 2011 Bristol Affordable Art Fair
October 2010 Affordable Art Fair London
September -December 2010 Inspires Gallery Oxford
October 2009 Affordable Art Fair london
November 2008 Edinburgh Art Fair
October 2008 Affordable Art fair London
May 2008 Battersea Contemporary Art Fair
March 2008 Harrogate Art Fair
November 2007 Edinburgh Art Fair
June 2007 Open Studios at commercial Square
May 2007 Battersea Art Fair
April 2007 Shortlisted for Celeste Art Prize
Feb 2007 Obsidian Gallery
September 2006 onwards Skylark Gallery Oxo Tower London
July 2006 Osterley Park (Out of Place)
June 2006 Open Studio at Commercial Square
May 2006 Candid Arts
July 2005 Henley Festival (Out of Place)
June 2004 Stroud House gallery
June 2004 'It makes the air remember' AVAC funded project in St Mary's Church Aylesbury with Caroline Meynell
June 2003 Fresh Art Islington