Artist's Statement

I use a range of media and process to create paintings which are richly layered and coloured, and which are an expression of my interest in the natural word and our interaction with it.

Each painting is rather like the beginning of a journey on foot, I set out with an idea of direction,but without a real map or plan. I don't always know where I am going, and I let the paint and process dictate the shape and composition of the painting.

Every mark, every layer has its own value, both for itself and for what it adds to the subsequent marks and layers.

Whilst my inspiration is often visual, my paintings are rarely representational; but they always refer to something in my own experience;whether it is a walk in winter, the first signs of spring, a late summer swim in the sea, or leaf sweeping in the autumn, something small and every day, a celebration of moments which often go unmarked.

I always hope that the viewer will be stirred by the magic power of association, and will find something of themself and their own experience in the painting.

Liz Meier March 2011