"Can you make a kind of fucked up social documentary photography series about Britain using dioramas made up of images sourced from the internet so you can stay at home and watch the telly instead?"

Sodley-on-Sea is a photographic social documentary series about an imaginary British seaside town and is made up of images sourced from the Internet that are printed, physically cropped and then used to build dioramas that are photographed before being destroyed.
Sodley-on-Sea follows a long tradition of British Documentary photography, from Tony Ray Jones to Martin Parr, where the photographer has focused on seaside towns to explore the idiosyncrasies of British life.
The Seaside has always represented the British notion of escape and yet is a space deeply entrenched in the national psyche and allied with tradition. This work questions how the subject matter has become part of the documentary photographic tradition and raises questions about how representative the work truly is – particularly when almost invariably carried out with a sneer. As such Sodley-on-Sea satirises both notions of Englishness and the entrenched documentary photographic tradition.
This project was supported by Arts Council England.

At The Beach

Seafront Sodley-on-Sea

Paradise Palms Holiday Village

Hen Weekend


Outside The Pub

Inside The Pub

High Street

The Kebab shop

Ladies Night #1

Ladies Night #2

Ladies Night #3

Stabbing At The Kebab Shop


Ten Grand Wedding

Summer Fete

Beauty Spot Above Sodley-on-Sea 2015

Behind The Shops

A Home

Penny For The Guy

Remembrance Sunday

Sodley Council Brexit Strategy Group

Seaview Residential Care Home

A Celebrity Switching On The Christmas Lights Sodley-on-Sea

SALE! Sodley Super Sofas

An Exhibition Opening At Sodley Arts Centre

Inward Investment (detail), The Cliffs Sodley-on-Sea


Untitled (bursting)

Snack Van Along The B12345 Near Sodley-on-Sea

The Pretty And Very Typical Village Of Castle Gibbet Near Sodley-on-Sea

The Shitty And Very Typical Housing Estate Of Mount Pleasant Near Sodley-on-Sea

Leavers, Sodley-on-Sea

Anti-Social behaviour On The Mount Pleasant Estate

Royal Visit

Homeless Outreach Workers

Beauty Spot

Wheelie Bin Day