Welcome to the World of Batik Reflected Through the Views and Creations of Natalie Guess

An artist who loves working with her hands, Natalie Guess is a natural for the rare art form known as batik. Originating in Egypt and found in pyramidal tombs, it is an art form most popular in Indonesia, Africa and Sri Lanka, today. The word "batik" means "wax writing". True batik involves the painting of hot clear wax on the silk or cotton fabric to resist the dyes of color that the fabric is immersed in. This is done one color at a time until the work of art is finished. The "crackle" or "webbing" effect is created by crunching the waxed fabric in the hands prior to putting in the dye.

Natalie is one of a small number of professional fine art batik artist across the United States. She has worked in this medium for more than 32 years and finds that the possibilities are exciting and endless. She appreciates the natural environment of Florida and reflects this in her work. Her particular attention to shadows gives her pieces a drama and depth that renders itself especially striking in the batik medium. It has a look unlike any other art form.