Lovely photos!

Hey Norman,

Just wanted to say love the photos! You've gotten about quite a bit, Scotland, Wales, Liverpool and of course, good 'ol Norn Iron :)
Andrew McAnally

I have taken a look at your website and we would be very proud to have a link placed on your site.

Many thanks for your support.
Lianna, Morris Photographic

Hi Norman

Wow your pictures are fantastic....
Denise Harris, Director, Coach House Media


While surfing, I found your website and I must say I like it very much...
Troels Palner, Director, Findartinfo, Copenhagen, Denmark

NGImages the website, and the photography is stunning!
Nathan Pendlebury (Artist)

Your new website

just been on your new web site and it is fab I loved it, the work is amazing, definitely should have something for everyone.

I wish you every success with it - I am sure it will be a winner!
Karen Belton



Your photos are absolutely wonderful....& they look fantastic on your website!

Really impressive.
Angela Graham-Smith

Your photos

I like em a lot! You’ve a got a good eye!
Russ Williams

New NGImages website


Your website looks fantastic, I’m really impressed.

Karen O'Connor
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