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Why dont you just give me all the pictures you shoot?

Clients often ask why i spend so much time preparing pictures on the computer before sending them !

The answer is that professional digital cameras are designed to take pictures without embellishments so as to leave lots of scope to the photographer when deciding how to treat the image later .
Think of the picture taken as an old style "negative" . If the print isn't right then you can go back to the negative and start again .
So all images need to be processed to get the right image for you from the "negative" or raw camera image.
All this takes time ,depending on whether the image just needs the basics tweaking or whether something more sustantive needs to be done to the image.
Professional photographers keep the raw images untouched just as they used to keep the 35mm negatives from your shoot so they can always go back to them should your requirements change .

Here is an example of a picture prepared in photoshop . the first is the raw (digital negative) image , the second is the image after processing . I hope you can see the difference

In the end all i want is for you to have the very best of images from your shoot.

Should you still wish to have every shot in its raw state on a cd as a reference or whatever then this is fine. There is no further charge for this. And should you wish another shot preparing on the computer at a later stage then i will accommodate this gladly