Welcome to Kool Pics

Hello and welcome to Kool Pics.

My name is Peter, I was fortunate to be chosen to spend three years in Antarctica in the 1980's, it was in this most remote and challenging of earth's terrains that sparked my interest in photograhy.

My aim is to share with you the beauty of the Antarctic wilderness through the media I have placed on my website. The winter months were particularly perilous, my photo's capture not only this feeling but the absolute serenity of this unique landscape.

The material I captured on film was taken from 1982-1986 and was recorded on slide format, pre digital and required far more skill and time to create, such was my passion for the beauty of the land and my new hobby, especially in such extreme conditions, this only added to the pleasure that it gave me.

At the time content was only viewable after a ten month wait, so patience and concentration were required throughout. The film I used was Kodachrome, mostly 64 or 25 ASA. It was the creation of digital conversion technology along with my desire to share these beautiful photograph's with other lovers of nature's majestic kingdom that I decided to utilise them on this, my own specially created website, which will be expanded and added to as my photo slides are converted.

Many years later and with more experience I have produced more exciting and unique material. With my enduring love of nature, this material is also in the same genre. With the development of faster and easier methods of sharing my images they will be uploaded in due course in their entirity for your enjoyment.