Be a super Apprentice.

Get your act together
How to Be a Super Apprentice.

Your First Day at work be prepared for sore feet!

Ok let’s get this straight from day one.

If your mom had to call your boss for work experience, if she still drops you off at the salon, if she makes you sandwiches and packs them tidily with a packet of crisps and a little chocolate bar its time to sort yourself out. They are your parents not your house keepers!
In fact in my barbershops we made a rule that if a kid came for an interview and always our questions answered by their mom, we simply wouldn’t give them the job.
You are an adult now! You’re at least 16, you think you mom and dad’s are a bit daft, you can have sex and have probably had a cheeky Vimto.
Your boss isn’t interested in how the buses run; they have heard the excuses of why you’re late all before.
Book your Doctor’s appointments and get your teeth drilled on your day off., and keep your boyfriends and girlfriends to yourself. Believe it or not no one is really interested except the ones that when you’re late will use the information you freely gave them to drop you in the stink with your boss.
You are now master of your own destiny; make sure your destiny is a great place to be!
Get to work ten minutes before your shift starts. Never miss a college day, ever.
Make sure you take ALL of you breaks but be back on time.
Tell family and friends you can’t make plans set in stone in the evening because you have no idea what time you will finish, welcome to the world of barbering!
Your appearance, the way you are with people, and how you smell is the utmost important thing at this point. You have nothing else to sell, after all you can’t impress them with a great haircut can you? But you will.
Keep the barber shop clean at all times. Make sure all of the tools being used are in place, sweep the floor with a touch of OCD and never ever leave hair in a pan or by the bin. Cleanliness is next to godliness. Use both hands on the brush and mop, do everything as brilliantly as you can, even sweeping and mopping. Check the mirrors are sparkling and smear free.

Make sure if you make a tea or coffee it’s in a clean cup. Clean up the kitchen after yourself and tell senior barbers to keep it clean too explain they are leaving a mess and making you look bad.
Everything you do must be immaculate.
Use Christmas, Birthdays, any opportunity buy clippers, scissors, any barbering tools you can. Tell family not to buy you “things”. Use any money you receive to buy tools that will MAKE you money. Look at what your mentor uses, he’s probably a safe bet.
Don’t always believe you tube videos.
Try to know what your mentor is going to use next and pre-empt what he will want next. Become a mind reader.
Ask you mentor if you can photograph things for you to remember, also take a notepad to write things down and draw in.
I have found that the things I did when I was sixteen has kept me in good stead, sometimes I thought I wouldn’t get through it but I'm glad I stuck with it. This is where your journey begins don’t waste a second, because when you get older you will regret it. You are better off regretting the things you did, not wishing you had done something.
Don’t keep looking at your mobile, it can wait, and if you take a cheeky loo stop to check your Facebook you boss will probably guess and sooner or later it will annoy him or her.
Never ask for a sub, it shows lack of financial responsibility and dents the relationship between you and the rest of your work mates.
Do your hair! Sound silly doesn’t it but you would be amazed how many times I’ve seen a top barber with hangover hair. If your hair and clothes are a mess you will eventually let your standards drop, you will start leaving hair by the bin, you won’t wash your cup, you will arrive late and checking your phone becomes more important than cleaning your workspace or the quality of your cuts. It gets worse and worse and then when you get the boot you will blame someone else!
Start you amazing career as just that, a career, not a job.

Anything and I mean anything you can dream of when you are sixteen can become a reality if you start with the right frame of mind and just as importantly, ACTIONS. Enjoy!
Be the best of YOU