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HONDA Commission two World Championship Artworks

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Kenan Sofuoglu World Supersport Champion by Rob Kinsey
To celebrate winning both the World Supersport Road race Championship and also Mika Ahola winning another Enduro title, Roger Harvey commissioned Rob to celebrate these momentous occasions with two special pieces of art.

Rob chose to paint an action acrylic painting of World Champion Kenan Sofuoglu on his Hanspree backed Ten Cate Honda.

Said Rob, "This was the first time I had painted a Road racer and was very interesting to work on, trying to achieve a sense of speed whilst getting the all important sponsors logo's and bike in detail. I love the angle of lean in the painting and the hot air coming from the exhausts."

The painting will be presented to Turkish rider Kenan by Honda Europe.

More on the special Mika Ahola artwork later...