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Where it all began!

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Rob on his DOT Scrambler on the Cumbrian fells.
I first got bitten by the motorcycle bug when as a youngster we moved from Crewe Cheshire up to the Lake District to run our own garage and filling station.
My elderly uncle Jack had an old DOT motorbike that had languished in his garage for many years and one day made an off the cuff remark, "if you can get it going, you can have it!"
My Dad was a former Rolls Royce engineer whose teaching method was to carefully explain what needed to be done and why, but I had to do the work myself.
I carefully drained the carb, cleaned up the ignition points etc. and after a few kicks she fired up. Ah the sweet smell of burnt two/stroke oil, I can remember it like yesterday!
We then took it to a large field and I proceeded to hurtle around , falling off at regular intervals.
Later on my friends and I used to ride up on the fells (hills) with a selection of old bikes.
We used to sneak along the back lanes and once got chased by the local bobby but managed to outrun him!