why choose me !

My name is MARK WARNER . I am a Bsc.graduate,Post Graduate and an NCTJ. qualified press photographer/photojournalist

I was taught that a press photographer can be called upon to photograph anything and everything and the newspaper industry is certainly capable of calling upon you to photograph a range of subject matter that would make your mind boggle and often in circumstances that are often far from ideal .

Also required is a creative mind to try and squeeze something interesting out of the mundane.... and lets face it there are a lot of assignments out there which seem to offer very little at first glance.

A good picture can be pulled from almost any situation if you are preapred to rise to the challenge.

For some years i worked on "submission only" basis ... which meant i was only paid if the paper used the picture! . This teaches you to squeeze pictures out of situations which seem to have no potential ....

In public relations this should never occur of course because most pr professionals know in advance what the event/story is and can use some forethought to make the photo opportunity more visual as well as turn up with a selection of props/locations which will help the photographer get something interesting .

Well thats the idea anyway... in reality i know that the pr company is probably hundreds of miles away from the job and have never seen the people or places that they are sending the photographer out to . Still a combination of sideways thinking from both the photographer and the pr company can lead to much better images.

I enjoy working with pr companies that assist in the creative process. Great images mean great job satisfaction ! , which keeps me happy!

To discuss your assignment or rates please email me or call me on 07973 214208.

Thanks for reading this